Put the Personal back into Gift Giving

January 23, 2018

With the advancement of technology, it can be really easy to order a gift card online and send it in the mail without giving the receiver much thought. Gone are the days when people used to spend hours trying to find the perfect gift. These days, a gift can be picked, paid for, wrapped, sent, and delivered with just the click of a button. Even though the receiver will be able to buy whatever they want with the gift card, it doesn’t create that picture-worthy face when they open a present they really love. In this commercialized and consumerist day and age, how do you introduce the personalized thought back into your gift giving process?


Make Something
Even though this may sound ridiculous, this type of gift has a lot of thought involved. If you know the person you're buying for, it can be incredibly sentimental. Giving them something they can keep and treasure for a long time is going to be well received and greatly appreciated. Creating a photo album or collage of the years you've been friends, or writing them a poem or song could definitely pull at their heartstrings. Personalized cards are also a great way to show you went above and beyond, and you can include memories and future plans to really put a smile on someone's face.

Make Notes Through The Year
If you are extremely organized and like being prepared, make notes of things your friends have mentioned they like or need throughout the year. This will not only be a surprise to them that you remembered, but will also show that you listen and care about what they have to say. You can even create a mix of gifts that you’ve purchased through the year, so the receiver has several personalized items to open. Just remember, it's the thought that counts. Don't feel you need to break the bank to give an awesome gift.

Take Them On A Day Out
Nothing is more personal than spending quality time with your friends and loved ones. Whether that's taking them to lunch or dinner, or visiting a museum or national park they've always wanted to visit, you will be creating a memory that will last both of you a lifetime. You could even take note of somewhere they’ve always wanted to visit and surprise them by keeping the destination unrevealed until they arrive. As an extra happy, you can take of photo of your time there and frame it to give to them at a later date.

Putting some personal thought into gift giving is always going to be well received, even if the thought (and gift) didn't cost you a penny.

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Christina said...

I'm trying so hard to give experiences rather than gifts from here on out. I'm SO tired of stuff. My kids have too much crap and we end up getting rid of it six months later. After Milo's birthday party, we talked about going out to do something special, like a night away (all they ever want to do is swim in a hotel pool anyway. Haha!), instead of a party. By the time I'm done buying decorations, food, cake, gift bags, and presents, I'm sure it'd be cheaper to just go somewhere.