Currently, October 2016

October 26, 2016

Currently Listening To

This album is so good. ♥
I'm really looking forward to her Super Bowl halftime performance.

Currently Loving

My new Lauren Conrad dress from Kohl's

Currently Watching

I love all 3 of these so much.
This Is Us has a great cast and brilliant writing.
Lethal Weapon is action-packed and hilarious.
The Good Place is cheesy and fun.

Currently Anticipating

We have tickets to tonight's Grizzlies vs Timberwolves game.
I get to see my favorite wolf and Kentucky alum, Karl-Anthony Towns.


Lori Vann {VannClan5} said...

This is us - what an amazing show! We love it so far, although we still are 2 episodes behind. Its so hard to not see spoilers!

Glad to see you are back!

Lady Jewels Diva® said...

They've remade Lethal Weapon? Oh my god! What's next?

I can't wait to here Gaga either.

Lady Jewels Diva® said...

make that *hear* lol.

Aria Di Bari said...

I really have to watch "This is us"!

Mrs. Match said...

I'm obsessed with This is Us!! So good.