Gilmore Girls Revival, My Thoughts

January 6, 2017


The Gilmore Girls Revival premiered on Netflix in November, so I'm right on schedule with my review. I originally started watching Gilmore Girls in 2007 when it aired in syndication on ABC Family. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time and ended up naming her Rory. So I definitely consider myself a big fan of the show. I was ecstatic when I heard they were coming back with new episodes. I needed some things that were left unresolved to be, well, resolved. You'll find my thoughts on the four new episodes below.

• Let's talk about Lorelai and Luke first. Even though I have strong feelings about Rory's relationships, I was always more concerned with Lorelai's love life. There were plenty of ok guys along the way, but we all know it was supposed to be Luke. He's her lobster. I was thrilled to see them finally get their happy ending. Luke's speech to Lorelai in the kitchen moved me to tears. Ok, I balled. If they come back with additional episodes, I want to see the wedding ceremony and Steely Dan flash mob. I also want to know if Kiefer shows up.

• Shall we move on to Rory's career? Was Mitch Huntzberger actually right? Rory's struggling as a journalist, jobless, homeless, and doesn't own underwear for some reason. The Rory we all came to know and love wouldn't end up like this. It really bugged me.

• Don't even get me started on Rory's love life. She has a boyfriend whose name she can't remember. She's still sleeping with Logan. But he's engaged to someone else. I'm not saying she should have it all figured out. I don't even have a problem with her sleeping around. But why is her life an exact replica of her mother's? I think that's what the show's creator wanted, but it didn't work for me. Lorelai and her parents put everything they had into Rory to make sure she evolved. She didn't.

• And Jess, poor Jess! He still loves her. And I still love him. Can I have him if she doesn't want him?

• I don't hate Logan. He does look really good shirtless. I almost would have been ok with them ending up together if he had left his fiance. The Life and Death Brigade bits were great. I really love Colin and Finn.

• I hate we didn't get to see Sookie more. I know Melissa McCarthy is busy, but only one scene? And the only way to explain her absence was to have her move away? Boo.

• Liza Weil still does Paris Geller justice. I love every single thing she does.

• And can we talk about how amazing Emily Gilmore is? This scene killed me. I had to rewind it several times.

• Last but not least, Rory is pregnant! I think it's safe to assume Logan is the father. It's a fictional show, but I'm hoping she loses the baby and marries Jess. Yep, I said it. #TeamJess4Eva

Ok, ladies, what did you think?


Stephanie said...

I agree on all of your points. Liza is amazing as Paris, I just loved her. I really did want her and Doyle to work out, but Doyle changed and Paris stayed Paris. I want Doyle to change back and move back home! Well, to a home with no stairs.
Emily is amazing, as always.
Rory. Sigh. She really is just living her mom's life. Logan is her Christopher and Jess is her Luke. She should have been more, but she's so entitled and has no work ethic, and that doesn't make sense to me because that's not how she was raised and that's not how she behaved in high school or at the end of college when she was editor of the paper. Logan would leave the fiance for Rory and his baby, but she won't let him. Just like Christopher. She'll live in Stars Hollow and Jess will move back and be with her.

Lauryn Rescoe said...

I haven't seen this new one yet, but I loved the old show! :) I have been meaning to check it out, thank you so much for your awesome review of it!

krista cates said...

I figure I better chime in, to get another perspective...I'm totally #teamlogan, so needless to say, in my mind, he DOES leave the fiancée and whisks Rory away to the entitled life she clearly has become accustomed to. Totally disappointed with the chaos of her life (great reference of Huntburger Sr having foresight), the pointless boyfriend and loss of underwear.
Paris is awesome and stayed true to Paris, which I love
Emily coming out of her shell, wearing jeans and calling bullshit...perfection
I thought FO SHO the Life & Death Brigade was a dream sequence...totally weird, but do love Finn
Rumors are floating that there will be more...fingers crossed!