5 Podcasts You Should Listen To

February 16, 2017

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I only recently started listening to podcasts on a regular basis. I tried several times years ago and couldn't find one I liked. I need something to hold my attention. If I start to drift, I'm out. I mostly listen in the car and occasionally listen at the office. Here are 5 podcasts I'm currently loving.

1. Congratulations
This is a brand new podcast from comedian Chris D'Elia. If you love Chris, you'll love this podcast. It's just him talking about random things. I could seriously listen to him talk about a paper sack. Everything he says cracks me up.

2. My Favorite Murder
I discovered this podcast about a year ago. It's two female comedians discussing all things murder and true crime. Sometimes they get the facts right. Sometimes they don't. But they try, and it's funny. It's my absolute favorite. Warning: It's not for the faint of heart. And they cuss like sailors.

3. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
The hosts read Harry Potter books as though they're sacred text and relate the words to every day life. It's extremely positive and uplifting. I love the joy I feel after listening. My only complaint is that both of the hosts have annoying voices. Maybe it's just me...

4. Prinze & The Wolf
I just started listening to this podcast. I follow comedian Josh Wolf on Twitter. He has several popular podcasts, but recently started this one with buddy Freddie Prinze Jr. There's no theme. They talk about anything and everything. I laugh a lot, so I give this one two thumbs up.

5. Real Crime Profile
This is the exact opposite of My Favorite Murder. This podcast takes a serious look at true crime. Numerous experts weigh in on all kinds of cases, old and new. They discuss killers, trials, evidence and theories. It's just like listening to the Investigation Discovery channel.

What podcasts do you recommend?


Stephanie said...

I love Josh Wolf, I need to listen to that. I bet it's hilarious.

Karen Peterson said...

I need to check out that Harry Potter one. Although if the voices are annoying, that could be a problem.

Christina said...

Well, crap. It looks like I have to add Chris and Josh to my list! I've subscribed to My Favorite Murder, but haven't actually listened to it yet.

Mrs. Match said...

I'm a HUGE Potter geek. I had no idea there was a podcast, but now I must find it. It sounds epic. Oh, and have I told you that Piglet has been letting me read him bits of the Harry Potter books (1-3, I don't think he's mature enough for 4 and up yet). It is my dream come true!