Finding Time to Exercise, Tips for the Busy Mom

September 19, 2017

My divorce was final in July. Since then, the kids and I moved into a new place. Between moving, work, school, sports, and dipping my toe back into the dating world, I haven't had time for much else. But at 38, no matter how busy I am, I know how important it is to find time to exercise. It may seem impossible, but it can be done! Here are some tips to help you squeeze a workout into the busiest of schedules.


Audit Your Schedule
In order to find time, you've got to take time from somewhere else. How you are spending your unused chunks of time? Are you spending 30 minutes on Facebook or Pinterest? Do you spend 10-minute intervals checking your email? Pay attention to how you spend your time. I bet you can find 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there.

Block Out Time
Figure out what time of day you can work out and create a reminder in your calendar or phone. Schedule exercise as part of your day and make it non-negotiable, just like any other appointment.

Have A Workout Plan
Once you’ve penciled in your workout, think about what you’ll actually do. You'll be less likely to skip a workout if it's planned out in advance.

Include Your Kids (When You Can)
It’s hard to find dedicated alone time as a parent. Sometimes it's simply not possible to squeeze in a workout without the kids. You can walk or run with them. You can exercise alongside them at the park. Get creative. You'd be surprised what you can do with little ones around. And introducing your kids to fitness is never a bad idea. #GoMomGo

Make Any Space A Home Gym
You don't need a gym membership or fitness equipment to work out. Use what's at your disposal. There are countless exercises you can do with a chair. You can also find exercises that only require you to stand or squat against a wall. I often do sit-ups with my legs propped on the side of my bed. You can also pick up a yoga mat, hand weights and an exercise ball at Target, Walmart or any sporting goods store.

Turn Chores into Exercise
My favorite thing to do is crank up the music and dance while I clean. It's a great aerobic activity and fun for the whole family!

Utilize Your Smart Phone
There are numerous apps to help you with your fitness routine. There are apps to help you keep track of meals and calories. There are apps with step-by-step exercise videos. And there are even apps that allow you to set timers for your workout.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up
Let’s face it, life happens. Some days you may only be able to squeeze in 15 minutes of exercise instead of an hour. Some days you may not be able to work out at all. It's ok.

Hold Yourself Accountable
Juggling the responsibilities of family, work and life can feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Find a buddy or share your workouts online. It really helps to have others hold you accountable and cheer you on.

Make It Count
At the end of the day, spending more time with your family is always a priority. So when you do carve out some time to work out, push yourself the entire time.

Dress For Success
Even if I'm exercising at home, I still get dressed like I'm going to the gym. Every little bit of motivation helps. And we all know that if you look good, you feel good. Fabletics offers cute, comfortable styles that fit most body types with sizes up to 3X. If you sign up for their VIP program, Fabletics will send you a new outfit every month. (You can opt out as often as you want.) Fabletics also offers workouts put together by renowned trainers and coaches that are accessible to VIP members as well.

Fitting fitness into a busy schedule is hard and exercise is often the first thing to go. But, with a little planning and effort, it can be done. Make your well-being a priority. When Mommy's happy, everyone's happy. Right? Right.

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Christina said...

These outfits are so cute! I was consistently walking four days a week, but my breathing is terrible and I really think I need knee surgery. I'm trying to deal with just one medical issue at a time over here! Haha!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I have found that all I can do is get my butt up, and get right to the cabinet and have preworkout and get it over with every morning. Most mornings it's easy but not all mornings are easy.

I feel better getting it handled before my work day - we are going to start walking in the evening with the dog - I'm so happy the weather is starting to cool off!!!

The biggest thing is finding something you really enjoy and sticking with it. Half the battle is starting, so I tell myself, make it though the warm up, and at least 5 minutes into the workout - if you still want to say EFF it, you can quit... I haven't quit yet ;)