Halloween Costume Prep with Contact Lenses

September 22, 2017

Fall is here! And this means Halloween is just around the corner. My company holds an annual costume contest, and I'm already scouring the internet for fun ideas. They give prizes for both homemade and store-bought costumes. Last year, I made my own. You can see it here.


During my search, I found one thing that can take any costume to the next level. AC Lens offers fun, specialty contact lenses perfect for Halloween. All contact lenses are FDA approved. The only catch is that every customer must have a prescription from their eye doctor to wear the lenses. (per US law) You can get a prescription for contact lenses even if you don't require vision correction.

They have lenses that would be perfect for a wide variety of costumes.
cat • zombie • vampire • reptile • and more

If you added contact lenses to your Halloween costume this year, what do you think you would be?

I have no idea how I could utilize the pink contacts, but I want them!

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Christina said...

These things freak me out! My friend wears just one really, really light blue one every once in a while and it creeps me out!

Karen Peterson said...

I kind of want to just get some fun ones and make that my whole costume. :-)

Mrs. Match said...

What did you settle on for Halloween?? Those contacts are awesome! Next year I should go as a new vampire with the red eyes. :-) Throwback to Breaking Dawn!