Holiday Gift Guide - The Hostess

December 6, 2017

I think I had the most fun putting today's list together. Do you love hosting parties or know someone who does? These gift ideas are perfect for the ultimate party planner and hostess.

1. Stemless Wine Glasses - I love these festive wine glasses. They'd make any party a little fancier.
2. Flatware Caddy - Caddies are perfect for the times you have to pull all your flatware out at once. I'll admit, this is probably better than putting your forks and spoons into Solo cups.
3. Personalized Candle - I know a lot of ladies who would love to have their very own personalized candle.
4. Bottle Openers - These are cute. The end.
5. Holiday Hand Towels - I can't speak for everyone, but I have hand towels for just about every holiday. Every time I see them, I end up grabbing another set. And Target always has great ones in their dollar section.
6. Glass Jewelry Box - This jewelry box could be used to hold various things. It would make any table, dresser or counter a little prettier. And it's on sale!
7. Soap Set - This soap holder isn't a necessity by any means. But I think it's a perfect addition to spice up your kitchen or bathroom. It comes in copper and silver and can be used to hold dish soap, hand soap or lotion.
8. Cards Against Humanity - This party game for horrible people will definitely liven up a dull party. Just remember, this game isn't for kids.
9. Winter Cocktails Book - This book has over 100 recipes for cold weather cocktails. Want to learn how to make a delicious spiked hot chocolate? The authors have you covered with step-by-step instructional photos.


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Christina said...

I totally put my flatware in solo cups. Hahah! I want those bottle openers and I wish I would have seen that book earlier. It'd be perfect for my SIL.